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My top tips on bridal hair accessories and where to start!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

I thought it would be helpful to outline a few tips when it comes to choosing your hair accessories for your big day.

  1. Find your wedding dress first! This is important because you want your accessories to compliment your wedding dress, blend well together and possibly match any detailing.

  2. Work out if you would like a veil. Although most brides take their veil off after the ceremony, it can still impact the choice and placement of an accessory.

  3. Have your hair trial before making any purchases- if possible. This is because I have done many trials where the bride has an accessory already, then falls in love with her trial hairstyle and the accessory doesn't go with the style. Just like most brides go for a completely different dress than they thought when wedding dress shopping, hairstyling can be the same.

  4. Consider purchasing your very own handmade accessory from one of the amazing suppliers in the industry, you can get exactly what you want that way and it will be extra special.

  5. Consider the detailing on your dress. For example, if you have a satin dress then a vine or pearls could look beautiful and really compliment your dress. Or if your dress is lace then something with some sparkle, a few floral style pins, fresh flowers or pearls could compliment it well. It is such an individual preference.

  6. Consider if your bridesmaids will have a hair accessory. Would you like them to match, be completely different or slightly similar to yours?

If a bride really wants to use a particular accessory, maybe it has family history or a special memory, then that is absolutely fine. I or your own hair stylist will create a hairstyle especially for the accessory.

Hair accessory types to consider:







Head band


Faux flowers - Attached to a comb or pin.

Flower crown - fresh or dried

Fresh flowers from your florist

Places to find them:

Wedding suppliers, high end retail shops, Etsy & Not on the high street, social media via searches and hashtags, wedding dress shops or even ebay. Your hair stylist can often point you in the right direction of someone local, that can make you one bespoke and special to you and your ideas.

I often get asked what my personal favourite hair accessory is but it is a tough question to answer. I love it when the whole look comes together and you still look like YOU, only as a beautiful bride. There are so many options out there and you can be easily swayed to have an accessory because you love how it looked on the model wearing it, but try and keep it unique to YOU. For example, I am a pearl lover, so on my wedding day I wore elegant pearl hair pins and a tiara. It ticked all the boxes for me. It suited my dress, hairstyle, wedding theme and more importantly my personality.

Whether your style is boho with a flower crown, princess with a tiara, modern with a headband, subtle with a few pins or no accessory at all, be yourself and that is the biggest tip of all.

For my recommended hair accessory suppliers please get in touch.

Accessories photo credit :

Top left - Elsa Rose Boutique. Top Middle - Crown & Lily

Bottom left - Tessa's Tiaras. Bottom right - Bridal Reloved Dorchester

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